I Want to Play #ebola #children


We can help these children. Please check out the project to raise money for children orphaned by Ebola.

Originally posted on Fill the cracks:

kids playing watermark

Give me a soccer ball

for friends and I to play

fast legs can run and dodge

keep the other team away

Oh Give me food to eat

I’m weary from disease

so many lives were lost

help us will you please

Ebola it took so much

my mommy and my dad

my little sister’s still alive

she’s really all I have

My job is to be a boy

can you lend a helping hand

please give me back my strength

so I can grow to be a man

This poem is intended to give a voice to the children who miraculously survived the dreaded Ebola disease and now have to find a way to survive each day. Can you imagine an older brother who feels responsible for his younger siblings? The weight is a burdensome one anything we can do to help will lighten the load of these dear…

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The Most Beautiful Flower Seller I Have Ever Seen

Originally posted on A Few Handpicked Things in Life:

Before reading the post, you might want to know these:
Paati – Grandmother in Tamil
Thatha – Grandfather in Tamil
Papa – In Tamil Nadu, people call younger ones Papa in an endearing way. It means Baby.
Muzham – A unit of measurement. Flowers are sold in muzhams. 1 muzham=the length between the fist and elbow. 

A few months back, I went to Palarivattom junction nearby to buy a flower garland. There are many flower sellers there and so I was on the lookout for the freshest flowers when I saw an old lady on the footpath.

She was very old. Too old not just for selling flowers, but for doing any work. I decided that I would buy it from her. Knowing that she was a Tamilian, I asked her in my broken Tamil.

“Hi Paati, how much does it cost?”

“Do you want it for Saami (God’s) photo?”

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Your Move #chess #haiku

ck mate, king

Queen’s gambit

a field of black and white

everything to lose

shogi blood

Shoji drop rule

generals switch loyalties

all to kill O-Sho

The prompt for Carpe Diem Haiku Kai is Chess Game.

I have been intending to learn the game of Shoji so this gave me an opportunity to study some of the differences of the game.

The lower shoji photograph is me playing with a book cover for one of the authors I am working with.

Poetry Submissions #poetry #charity #orphans


 Though this project/ book thematically  is open for interpretation,we would like you to consider how you  as a poet can write a “song” that conveys one of the following: sadness at the loss for these children left alone,  a message of hope to the children, and  a call to the community at large to remember these little lives as they forge ahead. This is meant to be a work of encouragement rather than a sounding board for political opinions.

More information is available at Fill the Cracks. The deadline for submission is June 1st. We still have room for more poetry, but the book is filling up quickly.

2 boys watermark