10 comments on “Vicissitudes of a Life #atozchallenge #dreamer

  1. Blue is my favorite color. Nice painting. I still have not learned how to lucid dream. I’d like to be able to have more control over my dreams, but the surprise element can be fun as well.

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  2. Thanks for visiting my blog so that I could return the favor. It’s a privilege to see a writer’s work in progress. Love the title “Jolted Asleep.”

  3. hello, sweetheart!
    with dreams like that, i’m glad i have insomnia. {smile}

    it’s almost the end of the A to Z Challenge and almost the end of National Poetry Month. i sort of combined the two by doing a featured poets series ~ since you are one of my very favorite poets, would you consider allowing me to include you? you don’t have to do a thing. if your answer is yes, please either DM me { (at) poetpassionbakr } or email { myheartslovesongs (at) gmail (dot) com } ~ i hope to hear from you. { i think i have an incorrect email address for you. }


    • mmm like five times in the whole series let’s rmmeeber.Return of Calisto, The Quest, Return of the Valkyrie, A friend in need and I must be missing one or two

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