24 comments on “…To Save The World #Normandy #D-Day June 6th

  1. I am interested in the concept of free verse, although I don’t write it often. Your piece was a prime example. Thank you.

  2. An appropriate subject to write on today for sure, moondustwriter–a day we should all remember for the reasons you put forth so cogently here.

    As an example of free verse, it’s rather more regularly metered and rhymed than the purest definition might suggest, but as it doesn’t follow a specific form, and your meter does change from stanza to stanza in an unstructured and unpredictable way, it would also be hard to call it anything else, so it falls within the broader definition. Or so I think, though I am far from any kind of authority. :_)

  3. i can not imagine having gone to war then as the world will have been what seemed so much bigger than it is now…and i am thankful for all that served…

  4. Touching poem, thank you for sharing.

    Today I found this (via @CharlesBivona):
    “First Wave at Omaha Beach”,a heroic reminder of the notes made by Colonel S.L.A. Marshal during those first apocalyptic hours of the landing: http://bit.ly/mHIEDk

    an excerpt: ‘In everything that has been written about Omaha until now, there is less blood and iron than in the original field notes covering any battalion landing in the first wave. Doubt it? Then let’s follow along with Able and Baker companies, 116th Infantry, 29th Division. Their story is lifted from my fading Normandy notebook, which covers the landing of every Omaha company…”

  5. Based only on my limited exposure to the free verse style, This I understand and appreciate. Thank you for sharing this tribute to the fallen, not forgotten.

  6. Brave theme and nice tribute; I’m a pacifist but I would have fought in that war. Think the fact that you are in rhyming quatrains probably makes arguable free verse, even if the meter changes a little. Just as an experiment, I hope you don’t mind if I take the first two stanzas and structure them as what I would call free verse? –

    They didn’t know it
    at the time essential gear
    left behind

    a sweetheart’s lips
    never kissed; didn’t
    hear -

    “you will be missed”

    Hope I didn’t overstep there, merely an experiment and nothing you need to bother with/worry about unless you wanted to try restructuring your piece like this. Peace :)

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