17 comments on “Anticipation #PEN #Dark #poetry

    • to me. It didn’t have much to do with your prose. I didn’t see the newborn child or the suhlngit in it. First I saw morning being born out of night light and day not just coming after night but somehow created by it. And then, in the last line’s wonderful twist, I saw night creating day so that I/we can do things not done or take roads not taken yesterday. Very personal for me I have begun some nights concerned about shouldn’t haves or should haves only to wake next day reassured that life mostly lets us do it over as many times as it takes. I am really looking forward to any haibun or haiku you create as a next step, but I am very grateful for this poem all by itself.

  1. Leslie, the infection within has spread slowly; now, I’m afraid, it is full blown. There is no hope for you. Rejoice!! lol ;)
    I am so proud that you joined the Damned. Your prose takes my breath away, but as you know, I’ve always wondered what you would spin if you turned to the Dark Side. I’ll wonder no more…

    • Yes, Marybeth and I had a delightful time down town yerdestay and ate in quite a nice little sandwich place plus browsing some interesting shops. It was a rainy day, but none the less, enjoyable. On the way into town we saw people on a foot bridge overhead and decided to write haiku about our day. Here is mine.Crossing the bridgeBoots, umbrellas and raincoatsA black and yellow queue.

  2. I like this one…you have a nice flow and the leaps between lines adds enough energy to keep the poem interesting. I got from it that it is a relationship ended and you described it well. I particularly liked the rhyming it was smooth no stretching for the rhyme. It flows effortlessly down to the end.
    A Strained Smile

    meets my eyes

    sorrow glazes grey

    frozen good-bye

    That really pops and pulls me in. I like how you use short lines packed with meaning….good one very enjoyable to read.

  3. Im glad you liked it
    Poetry is what speaks to our heart at the moment
    I believe the poet and the reader can have a connection through ( the words but not always thru meaning)
    The stimulus for this poem is the hospital where the door so firmly shuts and locks. The patient is on one side and loved ones are on the other…

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