57 comments on “At the bottom of the staircase #flashfiction #children

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  2. There’s no such thing as monsters, all hairy green and red. There’s no such thing as monsters. They’re only in my head.
    Interesting take on the prompt, Moondust. The verse is from a song written by a good friend and your story made me think of it.

  3. The idea of the protector monster is a good one. I am a bit concerned for her monster pillow, however–I feel bad for it, since it didn’t get to eat, too. :-)

    • But there was people in Canada beorfe 1778, isn’t it? Indians, Inuits were there I guess, Canada History doesn’t start with immigrants from Western Europe? I don’ t know the history of America, i am sorry about that, we learn little at school, and I didn’t read much about that afterwards, I’ll do, one day.

    • I never knew what to do with monsters under my little one’s beds so I told them stories (they were the main characters/ heros) to distract them from their fears

  4. Loved this story, great take on the prompt. Loved the reference to the monster pillow, one of my little granddaughters has one of the Gruffalo, she loves him

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