Love · Poetry

You are gone

We said goodbye

just yesterday

but you were

already gone


You left us with

some final thoughts

so much

to reflect upon

I know that you are

high indeed

flying above

and beyond

A love for you

it’s source will be

a love

to depend on

Photos : Lic Creative Commons

Gigi 62

Cyril Breton

FdeComite 7

5 thoughts on “You are gone

  1. This reminded me of a friend that died when I was a teenager. She wrote her own service, chose the music, made a cassette recording – my friend and the service remain strong memories.


  2. I love these photographs. The color is so intense, the images beautiful. I enjoyed the poem too. I was sorry, however, to see the tag on death. I didn’t view this poem as a final goodbye. It reminded me of how I feel each day about my kids. My eldest left home nearly 10 years ago, but I miss him everyday!!! Indeed, he is flying high. The career he is building for himself is most successful. And, the memories of our time together when he was a child and the times we do spend together where now we are friends more than parent and child are what we depend on in the lonely moments between our visits. So I will squint the next time I scroll down to leave a comment. I prefer to take away my own message from your this amazing poetry and photography.


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