Drowning my sorrows

I’m drowning my sorrows

I told him today

they didn’t like it

will throw it away


It was  my best

masterpiece of life

What will I do

surrender or revive?


Here at the shore

up to my waist

The waves will assail

my hurt and disgrace

Thank you for photos:

Adirondack Dock : Dale Hilchie Mosen

Walking in the Water – by Enid Yu


9 thoughts on “Drowning my sorrows

  1. Sharon, thank you for the whole picture. I eelcsialpy like the reflecting red part, and I love the image of you going away from the rain and to your CD-and-sewing haven. Here on Amorgos the tourists welcome the continuing sunny weather but the local folks all want the fall rain. Only after a good rain will the olives be ready for picking and pressing into the best oil we’ve ever tasted.


  2. Oh, yay! This is the pic I’m working on! Your poem alclatuy made me laugh at how well it shows two completely different messages in the same words. One about the fire of fear burning as the passion of art, and another about anger over the way guys fall for that bitch’s fake appearance.


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