Mixture of All Things

You whirl and mix the elements

sometimes silent other times you howl

I am always amazed at your strength

I can stand in the middle of you

you hold me up grab me

swirl me around

I feel displaced in your presence

you pull at the very essence of me

when you are gone I am cleansed

for some you are feared

others to be avoided

for me you are a friend

thanks for the windy photo AlicePopKorn


8 thoughts on “Mixture of All Things

  1. I have always been in awe of the wind and its power..once as a child…not a very bright child I shall admit here…I watched a tornado from my front porch and could feel it power…obviously it went another direction…permitting me to write these notes to you about your fine poem…perhaps it was fate…or just dumb luck….the latter is perhaps the most appropriate answer. 😉


  2. the wind rain sun and sky all can paint a picture of beauty and rapture the onlooker, but it also is a force that can destroy. Truly, beauty is never without danger, nor love without risk.

    in other words, good poem that made me think:]


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