Rocking – Fifty for You!

My dear friend Rocky Barbanica is turning 50 this week. If you know him, you know a great compassionate friend; he’s always there as a shoulder to lean on. The friend you wouldn’t want to do this life without. Cheers and thanks Roc. Your friends and family love you!!!!

Fifty – a milestone

higher than the sky


So many things achieved

some things


flew right by


All and all

you have had



Great things

at each turn


What is left

after 50?

memories – to burn


Look back



so much

you have done!


There’s music



those girls



What Fun!


Rumbling sounds

seem so clear


The family

you’ve held

are so dear


Highs and lows

in the air

and some on

the ground


Many lessons

you have learned

Some are quite



Best part of

this fiftieth year?


I’ll tell you


my friend


keep living

keep pouring

it does not

have to end


More gray


age signs

this is true


but I promise

you are always




You’ve done

so much


Made a


it is true


Stood strong

in good times

cried with us




we all love

the  stalwart




that is



Thanks for the Harley Risastla


and the round of beer


17 thoughts on “Rocking – Fifty for You!

  1. Oh my God… you’re amazing, Leslie- Thank you SO much… stopped me in my tracks… I looked around to see the beauty of it all. You were there too. Thank you my friend.


    1. roch.anthony The SD14 has some areas where it shines and some that is rahter weak. I hope that the SD1 will be the perfection of both worlds and give us eternal life. 🙂 The SD9 is very different in many ways and when light is good, then it’s really amazing green cast was more or less introduced with the SD14 and in good light it’s never really a problem but when exposure is bad, then it’s seen a bit more. Would you mind sending me one of your shots so that I can see if it’s a problem and if perhaps I can give you a tip or two..


    2. I am still in Cuba City, WI and looking forwrad to the picnic. However, I’m not so sure I feel the same about our 70th Birthday, maybe the party will soften the blow.Also, Mary Ellen Karr-Vogt and her husband Jim will be attending with me. Hope to see a good turnout, it’s always nice to catch up with everyone.


  2. My second best joanrul: This poem means, to me, that you should be grateful. Take everything in a positive manner. Don’t be so negative. People have way less than you. Don’t look at the people that have more than you. What more do you actually NEED in life? You have a lot. Food, clothes, healthcare, family that loves and cares about you, loyal friends, and a home. Plus unnecassary items. So why want more and more and be greedy. The art or carrying a cheery smile; if everything goes wrong,’ to me means, if you can hold down (keep) a smile through the hardest times, it will take so much hard cruel work to get you to not smile. One need not to others such banners fly. If one has the will power to simply try,’ to me means, don’t say you can’t do something if you dont even try. Don’t start off negative or you’ll never find something to be positive about. If you’re upset about nothing, you will end up having to be upest about something. Don’t make problems in your life, just fix the ones you already have.


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