A Piece of Her (160 microfiction)

If you are interested in trying your hand at Micro Fiction in 160 characters come on over to Monkey Man’s Site  or just come by and read other “short” stories.

She walked into my life that day.

I love her eyes her ways

We joined – she’s here to stay

Smile she gives me everyday

A piece remains

Alzheimer’s took the rest away!

Sadly Alzheimer’s removes all but a shadow of the person we loved. It is a long road for the spouse of an Alzheimer patient. Watching someone slip away is a painful reality for many.

27 thoughts on “A Piece of Her (160 microfiction)

  1. Very well written Leslie, my grandmother, I think hers was considered “Displacia” which had a similiar effect I believe, if I remember correctly….very difficult. Still part of the piece left when so much is forgotten, love….a beautiful tribute, and a cure hoped for….


  2. Alzheimer’s like so many other progressive neurological diseases leaves not only the patient drained with only a smile left…but also those who must watch the person they love fade into a mere shell of themselves….a very important topic to disucss Leslie…thanks for presenting it on your blog.


  3. Leslie, I think Alzheimers is not talked about enough. I have close friends and family members who have lost loved ones long before their time was up because of this condition. Your poem expresses this sad reality beautifully.


  4. I have wondered about the soul. Soul, mind, and heart…related? Psukes, pronounced PSOOKASE (greek) meant both soul, and mind–I think.

    Anyway we look at it, the suffering , patient, family, friends, and others, is immeasurable. God MUST have a special place for these Peeps, all of them, family, etc.

    Whatever we all can still pray, the most powerful force on earth, and maybe in heaven…


  5. My father was in the early stages when he passed away, I had a glimpse of how sad this process was. You have summed it up so beautifully in your poem. I also believe that we don’t talk about this often enough. Thanks so much for sharing 🙂


  6. wow, moon!
    i must say, that took me by surprise. i was expecting a bitter-sweet ending, but not quite like this. still, it is a beautiful poem, no matter the sadness lurking behind it. the sad poem often are the best.

    love you 🙂
    your glittering friend 😀



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