A Shadow of My Love

This poem is dedicated to a dear friend, Jean, who is suffering late stages of Alzheimer’s Disease.

“We don’t love you less though your memories of us are poor. You will always shine a light into our hearts.”

I awoke with a dream of you in my eyes

watching you took my breath away

I wanted you to be mine


I never grew tired of watching you

everyday to awake

the word “I love you” on my lips

knowing you were mine


I didn’t mind that your hair turned frosty gray

or that wrinkles lined your face

you were still mine


I visit you daily my dear

there’s  but a shadow of our love

I still cherish your smile vacant tho it may be

tho you don’t know it

you are still mine

Thank you Allegra Ricci for the poignant picture


35 thoughts on “A Shadow of My Love

  1. this kind of love is rare,beautiful and most touching! i relate totally to that one..i had a relative who suffered from Alzheimer too and i know it is painful when so much love she can’t even remember,but somehow in her heart she must’ve known and felt it.
    lovely poem moon..and very touching, great read ..keep writing you are a true inspiration..”:)

    Desert Rose


  2. Love can overcome everything in this world as long as you truly believe it 🙂 it will never abandon one heart even if the person forget everything ^^, Thank for sharing this touching poem 😀


  3. So sad and beautiful all at once. How can that be? But that’s the compelling tragedy of life all over, isn’t it. Still, love can and must always shine on… somehow. 🙂


  4. Oh, this tore at my heart – such beauty in this sad, sad story of love and loss and selfless devotion to another person whose journey has gone awry and who, bit by bit, is losing herself. Your compassion shines through – so beautiful – each time I read this, I cry.
    Thank you


      1. Heel veel sterkte, moed en krcaht en in de tussentijd bidden, hopen en wensen wij dat het allemaal gewoon goed komt.Prachtig gedicht heb je gekozen, het geeft vertrouwen en dat is nodig.Een hele dikke knuffel, Roelien


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