The merry-go-round of life

Get on quick

for the ride of your life

bells and whistles

action and light


The Merry -go- round

will not wait

it will cycle through life

get on before it’s too late


Join the laughter

remove the cares of the day

as your horse rears and jumps

beckoning you to play


It may ache

when you leave

for the color my friend

has the ability to deceive


makes you believe

it’s something it’s not

just runs in a circle

and then – a stop


If you know there’s an end

it’s just a fun ride

then hop on my friend

come join us this  time

Thanks for the delightful picture of the carousel to skrobola



23 thoughts on “The merry-go-round of life

  1. This poem reminds me of the buddha who advises that we wear life lightly, like a cloak that we cast off when we’re done.

    Because all too soon the ride is over, and nothing is left, this poem adds the dimension of how we can choose a beautiful, colorful ride, or dull and boring.

    Nice poem – gorgeous photo


  2. That poem was a wonderful ride full of smiles and light of heart. Closed my eyes and enjoyed the Calliope music, colors, lights, breeze of the endless circle and the reflection of life in the Merry-go-round mirrors.


  3. dear friend you’ve capture the fact that the ride is short and filled with deceptions and distortions…but one must hop on and enjoy the ride…because at the end of the ride whether you’re on board or not…the ride is over….other fine poem.


  4. An interesting thought well conveyed, Moon. I like the idea of just letting the ride be… well, a simple ride. Nothing more needs to be invested in it than that. Kind of like living, perhaps? 🙂


  5. You set such a frantic pace with that first stanza. Kind of like zero to 60 that soon settles with the momentum. Great theme too.


  6. Aww.. this was very sweet and had such a cute pace and rhythm to it.
    Hop on indeed!! Ah ahaahhhhh… this merry-go-round’s makin’ my head spin’ already!! 🙂
    Enjoyed this one.. Colorful indeed!


  7. Wonderfully written Leslie and love the imagery. Never really a simple ride, and then the knowledge of that sudden stopping point. I like the sense for realization and then just saying, well whatever, lets just make this fun, it is what it is. Beautiful in my impression!


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