Sur la Garonne- Bordeaux (poetry)

I hear you calling out to me

Where are you – my dear?

a mesmerizing voice beckons.

caught in a trance

I must answer your call


The Garonne runs so swiftly

cold rivulets run clear

I am pensive

Will I make it?

I might perish as I strive


Ask not this of me

I am consumed by fear

Oh darling please

You risk at love

I risk at life

I have fallen in love with Terence’s photography. Know you will too.


27 thoughts on “Sur la Garonne- Bordeaux (poetry)

    1. c9norme cette image, comme d’hab Le brouillard en bas de l’image seblme faux et resseblme e9trangement e0 de la bue9e qu’il y aurai eu sur une vitre entre toi et le be2timent. Ai-je tort ?


  1. Yes, that is exquisite imagery, isn’t it. I agree with you that it doesn’t need words, but let me also say that your fine words are hardly irrelevant in this case either. They added a layer of storytelling that spirals my mind off into all kinds of possibilities. Just wanted to say that. 🙂


    1. Thanks Tony – get me in France and I think Les Mis , The Hunchback of Notre Dame, The Count of Monte Cristo
      yes my mind goes all over the place as well


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