Changing Tide (55 Flash Fiction)

They walked upon the changing tide

together all the way

up and downs of life

grew hard with each new day

today was high seas

tomorrow calm

tempestuous gray

light, breezy blue

feelings changed

time moved

bits grew tired ,

mean, hard to mend

the sand understanding and forgiving

became a kind-hearted friend

This is a Flash Fiction story. We write stories in 55 words for the Flash master G-Man aka Mr. Know-it-all.

Come join us for the fun and challenge.

Photo: “Ebb and Flow – SF Bay”  L. Moon

48 thoughts on “Changing Tide (55 Flash Fiction)

  1. What a marvelous flow you have going here MDW.
    Perfect Rhythm..
    Thank you for special treat
    BTW…Congratulations on the Yahtzee/Bingo.
    You nailed me TWICE tonight!


  2. i think the meaning of life is in the flow of the ocean tides, while the words are etched in the sand only to be swept away before the world can capture the answers.

    i loved this.



  3. oh – it’s so good to have some kind-hearted sand as an understanding friend when life is going up and down…
    beautiful 55 – and hope the sand is not the only one to forgive..


    1. Thanks RD can’t even remember how I found the RealRevo but it is now my first and last slug of Internet juice each day. Keep up the good work, the good fight and the thguoht provoking posts and comments.


  4. Here I am, better late than never! 😮

    This is sadly familiar, except in my case the guy didn’t end up being a “kind-hearted friend”. Sigh.

    Well done. I like it!

    My Friday 55 was posted here yesterday. I’m just now getting around to visiting everyone. 🙂


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