160 char story · Poetry

Too Close (microfiction in 160 characters)

Reflection of Reverie

As you turn into me, don’t you see?

We are so close. Too close.

You brush against my skin.

I  feel the splash of your wake.

Any closer and our hulls will collide…


Once we were tacking a sailboat in the San Francisco Bay. We came so close to a tanker we almost kissed.

That’s something that no sailor wants to do.

My friend Monkey Man hosts this microfiction in 160 characters each Sunday. Join us for a writing challenge and great stories.

Love this reflection of 44 foot boat Reverie thanks K Tyler Conk


20 thoughts on “Too Close (microfiction in 160 characters)

  1. and if it wasn’t for the last few lines of the post, i’d have thought it was about love and love only.
    ahhh, romance never dies within of us 🙂

    love the poem. a lot! 😀
    “As you turn into me, don’t you see?
    We are so close. Too close.”

    love ya


      1. As soon as I saw this week’s picture, I saettrd singing the Rubbery Ducky song! Memories, memories…of my boys when they were little. Poor Larry…he had to learn the hard way. I laughed at both of these. I hope Ed wasn’t too terribly disappointed. I still can’t figure out what the hooks are for.


  2. I was tagged to answer 8 simple questions, which are on my blog. Then I was suppose to pick 8 people. I did…but only with the understanding that you only need to play if you WANT to or have the time. Have a great weekend!


    1. How’s you know??? Ever heard of poetic license??? We were too close because they steered into us. Fortunately sailors have brains


      1. I love your writing style and you write on pelope and events that have impact on the society ; also (unlike many of our own men of pen) as difficult as some of the topics are, you never resort to hate speech and i wish we had more writers like that! Oftentimes when i read local papers/blogs, i get sick in my stomach, i can’t stand the quantity of vitriol that’s spilled over


    1. Lena -What a gift that you were able to take off from my small piece of fiction and share these maorelvus thoughts! Many thanks for posting all of the links they each have something different to say! (Check out the chef’s blog there is a rhubarb cake recipe there that I want to try! )Blessings,Bonnie


    1. I can just smell . . .I mean picture the scene. You made me laugh. Thank you!p.s. I’m ruinnng a this week and holding a in November. If you get time, pop along and have a look.


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