So close yet … (Flash Fiction 55 )

So close…

like a gentle whisper


it seems

a chasm away



as a continent


space nor time

cannot divide



to feel the pounding

in your chest


unable to give

breath of life


far away…

as forever


to be mine

day you slipped away

Go to the G-Man and read the fabulous Flash Fiction on that site.

Photo: Thanks  for “Ausable Chasm” by Dougtone

18 thoughts on “So close yet … (Flash Fiction 55 )

    1. quite literally – part of this poem inspired by my past as a CPR instructor. The horror to have someone slip from you hold. Your breath not enough

      yes there is that romantic element as well – I’m the romantic afterall


  1. Very wistful and poignant. A sad lament but beautiful.

    Mine is at:

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  2. Ohh.. this was really sad! And reading the comments made me feel worse! And to think I am going to bed now… 😦
    But you have pictured it so perfectly in the poem… if only we had it all in our control…


    1. Just now watching all of the DS Beginings dvds hviang missed most when I was a kid. I surely hope that David won some awards for his acting because I’ve been very impressed with his part in the early shows. Just watched the episode when David Ratcliff made contact at the seance and David’s dramatic acting was awesome for a youngster!


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