Tribute for 9/11 by Moondustwriter

Candles were lit

life was vibrant

breathing and exhaling

giving, seeking



What a gift

each passing day

to hold, caress

learn, teach

experience goodness


A Vulture

clouded the sky

darkness filled the realm

a choking smoke rose

extinguishing light


We heard your cries

saw your lives come

crashing down

into a heap

of rubble


many of those candles

never to reflect

never feel  arms

wrapping them

in warmth


We will never forget

the brilliance

that shone

from your



we will never


the sacrifice

of  9/11

Our hearts go out to those whose candles were extinguished on that fateful day.

May we never forget those lives, those loves.

Thanks for the Shot of the Candles


Thanks for the Twin Tower Shot

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