Misty Images (#poetry)

Thick, grey pre-dawn mist

creeps along

a barren topography

soil depleted

of summer’s abundance

brown, yellow,red

reminders of sweet fruits


a form emerges through the mist

strength in his stride

strong, capable hands

tenor tones that float in my mind

the curl of those lips

forms a…


Was that you in the mist?

Did our fingers talk

in undertones of love?

Was there knowing

in each expression

or did the mist

create a mirage

in my heart?

Photo: “Pre-Dawn Mist” Moondustwriter

11 thoughts on “Misty Images (#poetry)

    1. Alok, Sameera – Thanks..yes, its very beautiful ..Indrani – Every place is myesoritus in its own way..kodai too has many secrets :)Priyank – Horror is chilling and beautiful tooMark – Thanks..fog and mist have a charm of their ownVishesh – Me too katney – ha ! this is the misty season UK – Thanks..on my wayTanu – Thanks..u put it so wellMitr , VagabondGlad it brought back nostalgic memories..love the magic Windenergyman – thank u :)VJ – only u can bring kalidas here SS -its time for u to go there thenDiana, Sparverius, Veens thanks..yes, its chilling and lovely


  1. hello, once again I have neglected making rounds to read other’s words for far too long! It has been a joy to spend time on your blog and listen to your heart and soul! I leave feeling enriched, inspired, moved, touched, and even challenged by your words. Thank you.


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