Un Vaquero en la tierra del cactus (Microfiction Monday)

“Me llamo Juan Medina. Fui una vez un vaquero en la tierra del cactus. Ahora protejo esta tierra como su guardián.”

“No Habla Espanol Senior”

“Oh – Ok.”


My name is Juan Medina. I once was a cowboy in the land of the cactus. Now I protect this land as its guardian.

“Mejor en 140?”

“Si – Gracias”

(Ok it’s 140 + subtitles – wink)

Thank you to Susan of Stony River for yet another delightful picture prompt and Microfiction Monday.

25 thoughts on “Un Vaquero en la tierra del cactus (Microfiction Monday)

      1. Two lovely and nsoatlgic stories. Thanks for the video. I loved Simon and Garfunkel and used to have most of their albums. When I was younger, I didn’t find the last line (Preserve your memories, they’re all that’s left you.)strange at all. Now I find it rather sad. Age is no reason to stop making new memories.


  1. I read the Spanish, then the English and had two thoughts:
    1. My 6 years of Spanish in HS and college were NOT wasted!
    2. Me llamo Inigo Montoya . . . how funny that whole scene would be in Spanish!


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