Dreams and chocolate #poetry

Riding a dream

looked and sounded so good

chocolate flavored clouds

on the points of stars I stood


Refused to wake up

to dull and more gray

pushed the reality of life

fervently away


Imagining a life

with flavors

beauty and love

kept my sites strictly

focused above


star-dust and moon glows

knights on their steeds

my bountiful dreams

gave me all I could need


Forced to open one eye

then another

to behold boots, hat,and rope

blue eyes -oh brother


Walking confident

taller than any man

I gazed and I gaped

at his leathery hands


Looking at me

was all I could hope

then he talked in his drawl

and swung that stiff rope


Smelling I suddenly

found was so real

leather and Chaps

thrown in with the deal


dreaming is fine

for all of you

but I’ve found

what I needed

and chocolate too


3 thoughts on “Dreams and chocolate #poetry

  1. Simply scrumptious! A cowboy at that, what a lucky gal. Leather does have a fine scent. Not a lucky gal yet but hopefully one day. Till then I shall dream of chocolate and such. Loved this poem. Thanks for sharing Leslie!


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