One Stop Poetry

Free for All Poetry

My friend and colleague, Adam Dustus,  just made the collage better. That’s what I love about the community of arts we work together becoming the best we can be – Together.

Join us at One Stop Poetry for a look inside Mitko Gogov as he teaches art in France. Hey he inspired me to play around on my ipad and I haven’t shown any of my work in years.

9 thoughts on “Free for All Poetry

  1. Great spotlight this week, Moon. Gogov is quite a find.

    Happy New Year to you – I hope 2011 treats you well! Cheers…and thanks for finding me all those months ago. It has been a pleasure knowing and working with you and all the rest of the One Stop team…and I know things are only going to get more interesting in the years to come! 🙂


  2. Leslie!
    So fortunate I am to know you, certainly you are aware of that. And I wish to say this One-Stop…One-Shot place is THE place to be. You ‘Peeps’ are ALL PROS. And the world is waiting to discover that truth.

    May the New Year bring happy, satisfying growth, midst the long hours of work, and dealing with that growth.


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