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Strange Constellation (#microfiction Monday)

Yes Dear that constellation up in the sky

depicts the famous battle of the parasol Samurai

Thanks to the beautiful Susan of Stony River for the delightful prompts she gives us each week for Micro Fiction Monday

21 thoughts on “Strange Constellation (#microfiction Monday)

  1. You know…constellations were the first thing to pop into mind on first viewing but I had no idea how to incorporate it into a micro-fiction. You did it with finesse. Your short prose flows with ease. Well done!!!!


  2. One I am who sees your splendid talent even more superb–when I find LOL humor therein. Just ‘precious’!

    Line from old, OLD song c.1920’s called Umbrella Man…

    “….He repairs them all
    though they be small
    or may be big…
    He repairs them all
    With what you call…
    a ‘thing-a-ma-jig’.

    Pitter-patter patter, etc., etc.


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