All That’s Left … #poetry

Hold your hand out – do you feel it?

Tentative drops

The first sign of the storm

Look up as they begin to cascade

falling freely faster

black clouds swirl in the stratosphere

sounds  terrify and thrill

pounding grows nearer shaking the air

light slashes through the sky marking its spot

tumult of water unstoppable

elements compete against each other to create a cacophony of sound

Will darkness ever be dispelled?

A silent interlude

Clouds hear their cue move along their path

yellow rays glow

flowers lift their faces once more

looking down you see a puddle

reflecting the end

all that’s left of me…


Thanks to Marcin Kargol for the great shot http://www.flickr.com/photos/powazny/3782692376

28 thoughts on “All That’s Left … #poetry

  1. In my humble opinion I say it hasn’t even become a storm yet, the torrential rain has fallen but lightening moves from ground to sky and it is coming time for that. And in the end if we wind up reflected in a puddle evaporating at least we will have given the storm a hell of jolt and the sun reason to smile.


  2. After reading this, I am looking forward to Spring even more! Remembering the fresh scents that always follow a storm… The relief and feeling of a “clean slate” is what I enjoy most.


  3. hm – the inside and outside storms…not always easy… but after a heavy thunderstorm, the air is fresh and clean again – that’s what i love – and then dancing barefoot through the puddles…yey!!


    1. Love pictures of lightening not to fond of it when I’m out in it – flew thru it a few times as a small engine pilot – maybe a little too close


  4. I don’t think true lace is scary! It just requires a bit more cotiennratcon.There is something very comforting, though, about getting to the end of a particularly tricky lace row and knowing you’ve just got a whole lot of purling before you have to do the tricksy things again.


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