Stuck in the Middle #FlashFiction

I look around

no clear view

I’m a captive

I can’t see past this wall

Is it bright outside?

Is it dark?

Voices mumble in my ears.

Nothing is very clear.

Please give me just one view past these walls.

I have surrendered

to the pyramid

of cereal boxes and milk bottles.

I’m a mom!

Once again it is Friday a time to ply your skills at deftly writing a story in 55 words (no more – no less). A great group of people to write with – hosted by the sagacious G-Man.

thanks to Tim Schapker for the awesome photo – you must know how I feel at times

25 thoughts on “Stuck in the Middle #FlashFiction

    1. Ha – it’s a great exercise in simplicity. I guess writing poetry helps trim the fat ( then why am I not skinny?)


      1. king of the hill is way better than all that seth mracflane garbage. Family guy and american dad? Please. At least in a mike judge show the jokes actually have something to do with what is going on and are not six and a half minutes of conway twitty. Mike judge has enough respect for his viewers to put forth a complete product which mracflane clearly thinks he is above. Ignorant comic


  1. GOSH! Leslie, when I clicked the word “STUCK” I had some REAL kinky vision…and you did that on PURPOSE! No, it is NOT all my fault–not THIS time–grin!


  2. I hate cereal 55 MDW!!!
    No wait…I hate serial 55’s
    Whew are you ever Lucky!
    (I prefer Bob Evans Sausage to cereal as well)
    Loved your 55.
    Thanks for playing, and haved a Kick Ass Week-End…G
    (Congrats on your Shorty Award….You guy’s work very hard)


  3. Ahh, motherhood. The source of every sleepless night, angry conversation and hopeless moment for the past 18 years. Before that, it was always boys (the grown-up kind). Hmm – did I trade up or what?


  4. I won’t tell you that we are empty nesters and have at least 15 boxes of cereal in the house right now…but we don’t stack them in pyramid fashion, we prefer the Phalanx formation.


  5. “Surrender… surrender… but don’t give yourself away.” – Cheap Trick

    (I was just listening to “Surrender” this morning! What a coincidence!)

    Nice 55!


  6. SUPER 55! I
    ‘ve never had to deal with sibling fighting — mine likes to fight with me and me alone. 🙂

    Love the pyramid of cereal box thing. reminds me of Edie Brikell and one of her tunes..



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