Fenetra #oneshootsunday

Les Yeux

a Window

an opening to my soul

you saw

further than any human

what did you see?



My Jail!!!



 there is no way

to extract freedom

for there are




Look – See and join us at One Shoot Sunday for a picture prompt

13 thoughts on “Fenetra #oneshootsunday

  1. Like the way the speaker urges the reader to take a second look as indicated by the change in tense, followed by assumptions of possible perceptions. It seems to me the word “extract” carries alternative meanings given the context of prompt.


    1. for more Wordless Wednesday posts or are you looking for a Wordless Wednesday linky? Check out Simply Staciea0anda0Musings From a Stay at Home Mom, these are two of my fatorive places to link up weekly.


  2. The EYES…all you see, and yet what lies beneath them is often not what you first perceive. Well done and well expressed Leslie. It’s important to give those eys more than one chance. You never know what riches are buried in another. Gay


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