Merciless are the Hands of Time

Peering into the bottom of her glass

evoked a smirk

it was empty

hands of time bent


Looking into the sky

dreams had soared there

crashed in a wingless hulk

no future for the golden chimes


Grasping hands

perfunctory joy

meaningless melted failure

life’s promised sands


captivating laughter

floated on the air

heart climbing from the  ruin

“tick tock” mimicked beats


Realizing too late

the last, the sickest joke

believing for one breath

time stopped to care

This poem is in response to my friend Shay’s excellent perspective of Free Verse at which she excels. Join us at One Stop Poetry as we toot our kazoos.


13 thoughts on “Merciless are the Hands of Time

  1. yep sure enough time waits on no one but marches on stomping on ‘lifes promised sands’ those sands of time … but how I loved that grasp of laughter .. Ha … at times expense … brilliant image Leslie and stunning write ~ great way to kill time ~
    Many magical Midsummer wishes ~ Lib ~ xxx


  2. yep time waits for no one and marches on stomping on ‘lifes promised sands’
    those uncaring sands of time ~ but how I loved the grasp at laughter ~ Ha ~ laughing in the face of time, beating and cheating time a time ~ Brilliant Dalis image and wonderful write Leslie ~ a great way to kill time ~ Lib ~
    Many Magical Midsummer wishes xxx
    ~ this is my second comment playing on time but think time whittled it away 🙂
    but if it turns up Leslie then maybe both could be stitched in a time to save nine :)))


  3. Love the Dali as an illustration. Also loved the flow of this piece where time shows no care, melts all over us, making us gooey and sluggish. Why is it so hard for us to move then and outside time rolls on and the nature of things don’t change. Excellent work, Ms. Leslie. Sorry it took so long to get here. My time these days is sticky too!


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