Drawn Together… #oneshotwednesday #poetry

My first sweep of your jawline

a shade around your nose

caught on your eyes

what happened who knows


I sketched until dawn

a face that I’d rendered

then why were my lips

shaking and tender


I peered deeper

you looked back at me

what had I done

had I set my love free?


To settle on a face

the one of my dreams

Oh what a fool

to believe in such schemes


I continued to draw

each night until dawn

nothing changed

what had gone wrong?


Hearing a sound

before the sun rose

a knock on the door

could it be? I don’t know


There you stood

rays circling your face

the man in my drawing

it was you in this place

I recently started drawing again. I have spent hours, days on a face. I imagined what it would be like to draw someone into existence ~ Voila!

It is celebration time – One Stop Poetry is one year old. Join the talented community of poets – share your work with us today!

Dave Kleinschmidt http://www.flickr.com/photos/dklein/20383096/

Published by moondustwriter

Thank you for visiting Moondustwriter. One of the many exciting things I've had the honor of doing is writing with an E. African team that is developing elementary curriculum for African children. As a writer, it is a thrill to help children (on all continents) who want to learn. I've been part of the blogging community for more than 10 years. Some old timers may remember the award winning (2011 Twitter Shorty ) blog community - One Stop Poetry. I was the co-producer of that fast growing blog community. I am a published writer, poet, artist and photographer. I have written, as well as edited, for periodicals, radio, blogs and fellow writers. There are many facets to this moon - thanks for stopping by.

41 thoughts on “Drawn Together… #oneshotwednesday #poetry

  1. drawing someone into existence… I like that a lot. I used to draw all the time a few years ago. mostly yu-gi-oh & anime characters… the face & hands are always the hardest to perfect…

    great poem moonie!


  2. If only I pursued this… I love drawing so I know what a challenge it is to draw someone’s face… specially the one you love.

    Nice to meet you ~


  3. So today’s a triple celebration: One Stop’s birthday, your poem, and your return to drawing. How lovely that your hand works in concert with the words in your head.


    1. How can I possibly dricesbe your content without sounding stupid? I guess it’s too late now, but this is great content. I like how you made this information so engaging.


  4. A really lovely poem about a very lovely idea…I could imagine a novel or a film exploring the/a story around your poem/idea….I wonder, if to some extent, we all ‘draw’ someone in our minds before they appear..then life throws surprises! hmm..happy drawing Leslie!! :))


  5. This set my imagination off on a Poe-like tangent – what if the “man” brought into existence is some sort of soul-less golem? Sorry to be macabre, but I can’t help but wonder what happens next.


    1. I like your blog its awesome. You are my night in siihnng armor the love of my life. You are my prince charming at the ballroom fest night. I can’t wait to see more of your poetry about just about everything. For video games you should start at Secret of Mana and then maybe Dawn of Mana ^_^


  6. Wow…lovely, Moonie…and keep drawing. there is nothing more substaining than knowing how to draw. It’s a major foundation in life….never guessed.

    You brought the gift right to the door!

    Lady Nyo


  7. Leslie,
    First of all I would like to comment on your beautiful poem. I really enjoyed the mixture of poetry and drawing. The talent apparent in both. I don’t know if you are going to share, but if you do I would love to see your artwork!!! Second, congratulations on a year at One Stop Poetry, thank you for making it all possible. It is hard to think a year has gone by. I’m glad I met a friend like you. Cheers to another fantastic year and many more!!!!
    ~Corbie Sinclair


    1. The best part is the friendships we have gained …
      The hand I can’t take credit for – my problem is time to write and draw
      Hugs Corbie


  8. Leslie…for the first time in years, I picked up a box of colored pencils, and spent the weekend doodling my heart out. I can’t say I’m very good, but my goodness…what therapy came with those strokes of color going every direction…forming ultimately a collage of the most unexpected things…much like seeing that “person” come to life at the hands of your pencil. I thought this piece brought that all in and then some! Another wonderful write that was much appreciated, as is all the work you do at Onestop. I think I can speak for all of us when I say “THANK YOU! and of course, Happy Birthday! 🙂


  9. “My first sweep of your jawline

    a shade around your nose

    caught on your eyes

    what happened who knows”

    Beautiful rhymning and dream made real. Wow, what a romantic tale. Thank you for sharing.


  10. I didn’t know you are an artist as well as poet! That you could conjure up your love…and have him return..wow! And now you are conjuror! Lovely poem and the accompanying art …a double whammy!


  11. Oh nice, keep up with your art work, you gave inspiration to me too, may be I ll start back again.
    The poetry, I would call it a soothing melody, clasped with some questions, Lovely it is.


  12. What a lovely read. Dreams can say so many things to us and they do sometimes become our reality, too. Thank goodness it had a happy ending, I love happy endings~!
    Thank you for visiting me and the great comment and, thank you too for all the work you each put into to organising One stop Poetry for us all.


  13. So good to see you back. Missing Pete. ..a lot this particular week. Hope you’re feeling better. I think drawing must be good therapy and magic to keep the “hurties” away. We’re hanging in here. Loved this piece – sort of reminded me of that TV drama – the Doll Maker – where she thought she could sculpt the face of God. Maybe you can “draw” Angels to your door. I believe in that! All love your way, sweet one.


  14. Moonie said: June 28th, 2011 6:23 pm
    Ok that last comment was for someone else – I thought I was at his sight The sad reality of life and yet dreams can break in to the reality Beautiful …

    Moonie said: June 28th, 2011 6:20 pm
    Take care please my friend


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