Nothing But Words #poetry #homeless

Sadly there will be more of us in 2012 who face “life out of a can.” What do people do when they have nothing? Hopefully they still have a sense of humor. For some there is little choice in the matter.


Do you realize

that some of us

eat food from a can?

No not the kind you open

the kind you pull


with your hand

I didn’t chose

cold loneliness

a life of no address

a closet in my car

atop my  college degree

oh isnt life a mess

but who cares

do you want to see

the list of things I’ve done

the families, children

whom I’ve helped

yes I have  aided some

the system I assure

it doesn’t care

I’m a number

they’d wish they’d lost

I’ve paid so many dues

there’s nothing left

do you know what  this has cost

and so my friends

words it seems

are all that I have left


and at times a verse

I can’t speak the word ” bereft”


Author: moondustwriter

Thank you for visiting Moondustwriter. In 2019, we started working with an E. African team developing elementary curriculum for African children. As a writer, it is a thrill to help children who want to learn. As a bio major and nurse, it is exciting to use my knowledge to encourage young minds to love science. I've been part of the blogging community for more than 10 years. Some old timers may remember the award winning (2011 Twitter Shorty ) blog community - One Stop Poetry. I was the co-producer of that fast growing blog community. I am a published writer, poet, artist and photographer. I have written, as well as edited, for periodicals, radio, blogs and fellow writers. There are many facets to this moon - thanks for stopping by.

9 thoughts on “Nothing But Words #poetry #homeless”

  1. I enjoyed your poem; poor choice of words, perhaps, because I wish I did NOT enjoy it. That would mean, of course, that homelessness is not an issue in our nation.

    I believe it is so sad that our government will rush to the aid of other countries & drop troops onto foreign soil at the drop of a dime…but are own people lay in waste & ruin. True, maybe some have steered their lives recklessly down such roads, but no one, unless convicted of capital crime, deserves to live so low for so long.


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