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Nothing But Words #poetry #homeless


Do you realize

that some of us

eat food from a can?

No not the kind you open

the kind you pull


with your hand

I didn’t chose

cold loneliness

a life of no address

a closet in my car

atop my  college degree

oh isnt life a mess

but who cares

do you want to see

the list of things I’ve done

the families, children

whom I’ve helped

yes I have  aided some

the system I assure

it doesn’t care

I’m a number

they’d wish they’d lost

I’ve paid so many dues

there’s nothing left

do you know what  this has cost

and so my friends

words it seems

are all that I have left


and at times a verse

I can’t speak the word ” bereft”


9 thoughts on “Nothing But Words #poetry #homeless

  1. I enjoyed your poem; poor choice of words, perhaps, because I wish I did NOT enjoy it. That would mean, of course, that homelessness is not an issue in our nation.

    I believe it is so sad that our government will rush to the aid of other countries & drop troops onto foreign soil at the drop of a dime…but are own people lay in waste & ruin. True, maybe some have steered their lives recklessly down such roads, but no one, unless convicted of capital crime, deserves to live so low for so long.


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