Awake in My Dream #poetry

Closing her eyes

escape from the past

looking to a dream

to take her away


To castles and clouds

fields and seas

she ran to the mountains

all in one day

Rarely do I write directly about myself or the people in my life. Many of you have been part of my life for several years and in one regard have given me cause to persevere. Several years ago writing became my lifeline. My health was failing; I was literally drowning in a destructive marriage and there seemed no end.

With the help of  friends and family members, I finally got the courage to flee from my marriage. It is sad when dark things come to the light. How could I have been  blind to it? Not only do I see the light more clearly but also the black and the grays.

Thanks to each of you – your encouragement has meant more than you will ever know.

Photography and poetry copyrighted work of L. Moon 2012

7 thoughts on “Awake in My Dream #poetry

  1. Leslie, I know you are stepping out in so many faithful ways these days! I am praying for continued faithful friends and sojourners to help you on your way! I am trusting that this is the case! I appreciate you- and I think that you are very brave!


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