55 Flash Fiction

Call Me Doctor Bone #flashfiction

I can assure you the first time happened quite by accident.

She stealthily crawled into my bed after 2 am. She should have known better.

I’m a surgeon and handle a knife deftly.

It was relatively easy after that.

Though I never looked for the opportunity,

they seemed to present themselves as worthy of my collection.

I’ve been rather sick (this past week) and have had endless hours to imagine how somebody could successfully hide remains in a basement. Doctor Bone seemed to cooperate and pop into my active imagination wonder who else is there? ( in my imagination not the basement!)

A happy first of the month of March to all of you who enjoy to read or write flash fiction. Hosting a weekly meme is work so a hearty thank you to G-Man who handles words skillfully – might I say deftly.

20 thoughts on “Call Me Doctor Bone #flashfiction

  1. I saw this post in my e-mail inbox while I was at work and was quite taken aback by it. It wasn’t something that I might have expected from you. As a horror guy, I was immediately struck by it, and inspired. Not to cut anyone, of course, but to write in a similiar vein. 😉
    Seriously, I really thought it was good. Thanks for sharing.



    1. Ah! I see memory boxes. Is it posbisle to pre-order one? My beautiful boy had a heart attack today. I need a box for him. It is comforting to me to have them resting in the beautiful boxes you’ve made. I’m not picky, they are all beautiful. My only specification is without wings.


    1. At 11 years old if she has a weight prelbom then you need to seek professional medical advise to find out how much weight she needs to actually lose how to do this safely. Kids need exercise around 2000 calories each day from varied sources including dairy, protein carbs including wholegrains, fruit vegetables Dieting is not ideal for children, a healthy eating plan for life is what is called for so your question about muscle mass/body fat etc is irrelevant. Cut out the burgers get her walking briskly 2-3 miles every day. That is what I was doing when I was her age walking to school back every day.Trust Me I’m a Doctor ♥


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