55 Flash Fiction

Breaking Up #flashfiction

It had all gotten so old

conforming had never been my style

I liked self expression

using the broad brush to make my statement

they had pushed me too far

I am after all human

I squeezed into this box for too long

I am getting out of said box and creating a new me

Thank you to G-Man who each week gives us a place to come as ourselves. Happy 55 all!

Photograph – I wish I had someone to attribute to this photo as it was found in public domain

7 thoughts on “Breaking Up #flashfiction

  1. So…
    Your inspiration in life comes from Taco Bell?
    We all seek it in the strangest places.
    Loved your 55 MDW.
    Nice to see you back.
    Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End


  2. This is a happy 55! But why is it so hard to break out of the box? I think it’s fear. Fear of the untried and the new, fear of being without insurance and a solid roof over our heads. Fear is the enemy of creativity. I wanna kick it’!


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