Vicissitudes of a Life #atozchallenge #dreamer

I had rapid fire thoughts surge through my head.

  • Princesses never have power in fantasy stories; they always look good and have a  “ga ga” prince
  • focus – poison
  • Get Blue!!!
  • Get Blue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I never dream in colour
  • When I wake up I am going to write a bestseller because this dream is too rich
  • mommy

“Look mama.” I heard that nauseatingly sweet voice of that little girl.

“Don’t you have somewhere to go?” I wanted to say a bit too unkindly for a kid in a dream. “Ok little girl look at what? I’ll play along.”

“Yes dear her lips are a very odd blue colour. I hope that doesn’t mean the end is near.” Why does she sound like Mrs. Cleaver?

“At least the mother is a realist.Wait. It’s my end that she is referring to. Get that Prussian Blue – ASAP!!”

The next moment the princess sat up. I mean I sat up. I don’t have any idea what is happening. (Needless to say I have no idea if these are thoughts or I am speaking.)

“Thank you so for your help little girl.” (did I say that?)

“All I did was to wish you to be well.” The little girl smiled a little too sweetly for my liking.

“Yes you did.” A beautiful smile crested the princess’ face like dawn after a storm. It was radiant and commanding. “I must go back now. There is a war to stop and a Viceroy’s son to marry.”

“Is that all?” I thought sarcastically.

“Goodbye” the little girl said secretly holding a handful of blue.

“Ahh” I sighed “that’s the way I like a dream to end. A little girl with blue pills,  a very assertive princess, and the dreamer discovering that she is mentally unbalanced.”

The next moment I, she was walking through an unusual forest. “Toto we are not in Kansas…”

Shake it off normal person “I have need of you as you have need of me. Your knowledge from the other world will keep me alive. In exchange, I will one day return you to your world…”

“That’s one assertive princess” I sighed.

…much later having come to my senses

“I’m glad daddy taught me how to look out for myself. (you may not know it prin…cessss but my daddy was a Navy Seal he could kick butt).” I thought.

Out loud I said “Lead the way princess – Carpe Diem.”

She chuckled “You do realize this is not a dream sequence!”

“Yes – time to prepare for a wedding” (back atcha princess)

“It is time I take charge of my dream” I thought as my mind and body shifted to high alert. “Afterall there are people out there trying to kill “my” princess.”


When princesses in dreams start talking back to you realize you are in for a big change!!!!


This is the forth of a short story series that I think I will condense, edit then re-post  “Dreamer”Jolted Asleep” and ” The Hidden Element”

The beautiful water color that has been the front piece of my “dream” series was painted by the talented Arna Baartz.

Thank you to the A to Z challenge that has given me the chance to pull out archived work and get some feedback on some of my WIP. All of the moderators deserve a month off to dream of next year’s A to Z!!!!


10 thoughts on “Vicissitudes of a Life #atozchallenge #dreamer

  1. Blue is my favorite color. Nice painting. I still have not learned how to lucid dream. I’d like to be able to have more control over my dreams, but the surprise element can be fun as well.

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  2. Thanks for visiting my blog so that I could return the favor. It’s a privilege to see a writer’s work in progress. Love the title “Jolted Asleep.”


  3. hello, sweetheart!
    with dreams like that, i’m glad i have insomnia. {smile}

    it’s almost the end of the A to Z Challenge and almost the end of National Poetry Month. i sort of combined the two by doing a featured poets series ~ since you are one of my very favorite poets, would you consider allowing me to include you? you don’t have to do a thing. if your answer is yes, please either DM me { (at) poetpassionbakr } or email { myheartslovesongs (at) gmail (dot) com } ~ i hope to hear from you. { i think i have an incorrect email address for you. }



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