Reality Turns #poetry #philosophy #time

The hourglass of reality …

A fallacy really

no sooner are your sands neatly collected

you are flipped end over end

… time begins again

those  sands do they represent



a life changing event?

Are your sands

equivalent to dust particles




They float


dispersing themselves


on a shelf in a life

You there

dust or sand?

mark of insignificance

can you have meaning?

dust or debris?

this hand is the holder of time



feel His loving fingers

turn your reality

for all




To all who have read my work – you are each like drops of water on a dry soil. You have kept me going through much of my desert life. I have been on a long  journey; it is hard to return and be the same. I am loathe to give up a blog where I know my work is kept for a later date. Suffice it to say you are all missed…


8 thoughts on “Reality Turns #poetry #philosophy #time

  1. Love the flow, Leslie. Much like the particles you write of…they sort of just float on a whim almost. I guess, in the end, we are all “dust in the wind”…

    So glad you aren’t leaving (especially when I’ve just returned). You’re right – we’re never the same as we finish a different leg of our journey (some incredibly painful and difficult) but I always think that’s a good thing. We keep evolving…


  2. Love is made up of little things… Smiles and kindness and thoughtfulness. Offered freely and joyfully, these are the gifts which win and preserve the heart and bring comfort to the soul. The way that your beautiful poetry touches our souls. 🙂
    Lots of love and prayers coming your way Leslie. xo
    You are loved and appreciated..

    P.S. Keep a stiff upper lip!


  3. Hi, Leslie. I agree with an earlier visitor. It is the way this one flows that really grabs you. The flow grabs you and the subject matter lingers to keep begging it’s question long after you’ve turned the page…



  4. I’ve been away for a while, too. It happens (for so many different reasons). Please don’t give up. This is gorgeous, and the self-determination at the end signals something fine. At least, I hope so.


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