The Knife’s Revenge #poetry

This is the knife’s echo to – “Deeper than her heart “

It had been a mere scratch on his hand that was made as he took the plunge

“her heart I tell you” he instructed the knife

“all of it”

The knife seemed to have its own will

It spared me

the poison of death

was forged into its steel

why I was spared I can only guess

but one year later

the innocuous cut upon his hand

a mere scratch

laid his body dead

the blade laughed a maniacal laugh

“for the one who took so much life shall be taken”

“be ground to dust empty hearted one”

I got an anonymous note

“we bled him dry. your healing is complete”


If I’m still on the road, don’t blame me it’s the dogs fault…

5 thoughts on “The Knife’s Revenge #poetry

  1. Leslie! This morning, in a moment-burst of joy, I asked my Guardian Angel Flexibelle, to surprise me today. And she DID. Here I am reading about knives, scratches, a heart escaping its final fate…and DEATH to the Peep, whose hand was in charge of all!

    Thanks for this ‘lethargy-deleting’ post, woman! Well done.
    Still with JOY.
    (Still on the road–in my dreams!)

    PS…WHY do I like: “be ground to dust empty hearted one”??? But I do!


  2. Green Speck – sometimes the knife gets its day out of court…
    Thanks Joseph yes there is always a dark side of the moon
    Charles – you know it – dog dayz
    Steve- you always make me smile – it’s not helping defeat the wrinkles (smile)


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