A Wall – Meaning Full #poetry #travel #history

In this wall

you place your prayers





where these hands

now touch your stone

another’s heat



I stand with the ages


and weak

take these cares

to my heart

please speak

A tribute to a wall that has the sorrows of the ages in its morter

A new horizon

hope on each face

doubt and sorrow

there is little trace

we move forward

marked for a new stage


a grand place



there it is

the island in the gray

welcoming ships

persons from far away

a grand start

a new day

A tribute to Ellis Island and the beginnings it helped launch

“Just a road trip”

“going home”

“meeting my soldier in Cali”

“…not all roads lead to Rome”


she’s getting married

he’s a trucker who get’s paid

all on a journey

for the moment

it’s the same


route 66

a gem in disguise

old and narrow

it carried many lives


some to meet love

others to forget

I  on a journey

a wall with people

I had never met


reminded me of others

a view of the past

lives joined by words

tomorrow please don’t forget


On my road trip we saw many things. When I saw this poster on a wall I thought of timeless sentiments  inscribed over the years .The wailing wall and the walls at Ellis Island just two of many walls conveying a message of hope, despair, tears, running away journeying toward new beginnings


6 thoughts on “A Wall – Meaning Full #poetry #travel #history

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