The World of a Child #NWCU #poetry #art #photography

Join New World Creative Union each Wednesday for
Wednesday Wake-Up Call . The prompt today is to use all of the following:
1. The colors yellow, blue, and green
2. A triangle
3. Peace
4. Lilacs.
5. A child
Any media can be used or a combination of media but each element must be part of the work of art
today your world is tops and trains
boats and thingy ma jigs
your bold striped top of blue and white
your twin’s is yellow and white
your shorts are green
primary colors mark the start
“go go go”
you move and squirm
 hold you is all we want to do
nap time – the perfect motionless moment
The lilacs are placed back on the coffee table
peace enters your world and mine
tomorrow you will mark the wall of your world
bold colors of blue sailboats
green dinosaurs
yellow tow trucks
lines and triangles on paper
crayon dashes on your bedroom wall
the artist of the future
where peace is in the noise
your mother’s lilacs are used as swords
many tomorrows from now
you will remove the primary from your world
you will color in impressionism
construct over the triangle
you will study the lilac
reaching into the fragrance
master the seas
paint stories in the clouds
a dash of yellow, blue and green
brings a smile
peace will reign once more
your walls will be large and white
plenty of room for hanging
big and small
all coming
since you were
a child
Photography “In your own World” L. Moon copyright 2012

20 thoughts on “The World of a Child #NWCU #poetry #art #photography

  1. This post marks my 900th entry of poetry and art
    also celebrates the people who have encouraged me to stay with it
    thanks to each of you dear people


  2. Love the fact the photo is void of the wonderful colors and scents you’ve peppered throughout this tale, Leslie. It allows our mind to run away with the greens, the yellows, the blues…and the lilacs…perfect blending for the prompt! Bravo! Now to finish mine! 😉


  3. I enjoyed how this story progressed through the stages of capturing a child’s life, but what really caught my eye was your image. Well penned and captured all around!


  4. Just had to try this straight away! Have palnned to buy a macro lens when I get my grandmother’s inheritance may play around with this now and rethink that plan! My pics were really dark but then it is after dinner time so maybe not bright enough??


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