Gone to the Deer #Christmas #Night before Christmas #Santa


It was the night before Christmas

when all through the house

not a creature was stirring

though we don’t count

Brubaker our mouse

The children with Nestle’s

were wired though in bed

with threats that Saint Nicolas

would skip us instead

And mama in her black nightie

and I – I can’t say

were  settled down before midnight

hip hip horray

Then out on the lawn

there arouse such a clatter

I sprang with my shot-gun

not caring about the spatter

away to the window I flew

well – I ran

“I’ll shoot you I promise”

I winked “if I can”

The blue moon on the white

new fallen snow

led to thoughts of wolves howling

I just want you to know

But thankfully

tonight seemed very clear

it was Santa

a sleigh

and eight overfed reindeer

He whistled and chortled

I called ” come quick dear”

as he shouted out the names

I exclaimed “not so near”

Now Dasher, Plea Dancer

No Comet, Stop Cupid!

Please Prancer


you’re just acting stupid

Yes Donner

we know we know


Blitzen  there’s to be

no partying in the snow

Get off their porch

that’s an easy low wall

now dash away

dash away

before from exhaustion I fall

As the dry leaves

that in piles still lay

and hurricane Sandy

would have done a number on that sleigh

I watched

as they scampered and tiptoed and flew

oh I forgot

“Santa, it’s a new roof too”

and so I calculated

as I heard on that roof

the prancing and pawing

of too many hoof

As I pondered the cost

and was turning around

impossible as it was

In the chimney he was found

He was dressed in fur

from his neck to his foot

Prada saved from our chimney

with no ashes nor soot

A bundle of toys

 were loaded on his back

and candy

oh please

we have an abundance of that!

As our eyes met

his dimples looked  cherry

“Santa have you already

been making merry?”

His droll little mouth

well it said “no no no”

“your face too would be red

from the ice freezing snow”

I grinned and then smiled

as I grabbed some egg nog

“will you join me my friend

I promise you wont get too slogged”

so we sat by a heater

I sipped and he guzzled

then he realized

“those deer they’re not muzzled”

Here are the toys

they were flung off his back

“I’m sorry wages were cut

so none will be wrapped”

We laughed at the time

I’d spend wrapping whee heee

but you have to admit

they’re delivered for free

so as he, cup in hand,

went back into flight

I heard him exclaim

“THANKS, til next year

have a good night”

Thanks to Clement Clarke Moore who published “A Visit From St. Nicholas” in 1822.

4 thoughts on “Gone to the Deer #Christmas #Night before Christmas #Santa

    1. Fun looking shoot I like the tones on some of these.. you got some great mtoenms with this shoot. The 6th shot down is my favorite its very nice (they all are though!).


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