Write me off #poetry #life’slessons


As long as you relegate me

to the third person

I can remain in your jail

unwanted, unaccepted

blotted away as the ink fails


As long as you write of me


or it

then I can’t exist

in your word’s orbit


As long as you close the book

you classify me

old, dusty, archived

no memory’s smile

when you chance by


you hope that love

of the brown pages

becomes impotent

delving into me

time not well spent


5 thoughts on “Write me off #poetry #life’slessons

  1. I really like the form of this poem. I think that is one of your strengths. It is also very visual. I could see the failing ink being blotted away and I liked the the thought of being referred to in third person. You can’t care about someone and you don’t even use their name. They treat you like an object. I could see the dusty archived books that get no love. Great poem….I like you and look forward to more.


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