Awaiting Spring #haiku #spring

cicada wings2

Dance with me my dear

on thin slips of thawing ice

while awaiting spring


while awaiting spring

look for the crocus to bloom

peaking from last snow


peaking from the last snow

life awaits the songs of spring

then cicada sings

Chevrefeuilles Carpe Diem’s prompt is Usurai or Thin Ice


12 thoughts on “Awaiting Spring #haiku #spring

      1. I’m with Barbara, I got gender and age right, and you put bad age bratceks. I had to pick 41-50 which threw me off at the start. You must have made most of those up. I kept waiting for the haiku question.I was a chem major.


    1. Hey guys I’m from Denmark and i’m watching your show eyvreday here! and I love i’t, I can’t stop smiling when i see you 2 on tv, you are so super cute, both of you. You 2 are reminding me of my 2 best friends who’s also a couple, and they are two smiling guys all the time and help each other in hard times, just like you guys!We all three LOVE your show, and hope that some day we are gonna get the money so we can come over and see your shopm, and hopefully meet you 2!!BIG BIG LOVE Maria !!


      1. Dear Jennifer,The purse totally waehss out your face. But DONT FREAK OUT!! .. Madness will be your Ride or Die Girl’ and she will take it off your hands for you. Because Madness has the exact same color hair and skin tone that you have .. but she loves you so much that SHE will suffer and *carry* that burden FOR you.Love,YOUR Ride or Die GirlMadnessps .. LOVE those shirts for Ella Excellent score today Jennifer, well done.Madness’s lastest post..


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