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Broken Dream #dark #poetry


Please go over to Pen of the Damned and read what I write on the dark side of the moon

Broken Dream.

pen of the damned

8 thoughts on “Broken Dream #dark #poetry

  1. Sharon, that is about the most gracious resnspoe to feedback I’ve seen! Thanks for sharing your musings and creative journey. When I first read Brad’s resnspoe to your poem, I admit it took me aback, because he did seem right on target to your original poem’s feeling and meaning which made me realize that my own comments had gone in another direction. With all my heart, I believe that the most important thing you can do for another writer is simply *tell them what you experienced what you saw, heard, and felt when reading their work.* In talking about the haiku form, I sometimes get distracted from that fundamental value. And that’s what makes a forum like this so valuable. Not that we all give and get consistent feedback, but that we each speak truthfully from a unique point of view. In the different reactions, the poet gets a chance to see her work from different angles, reflecting different colors, like the turning of a prism. So I am glad, Sharon, that in our various feedback you found the center, and it was there from the beginning. Way to own your own work!


    1. October 24, 2012Conadgrataduadlaadtions on both accounts, I’m super extcied to see the new blog and I hope you have a wonadderadful anniveradsary as well! You deserve the BEST! Hugs & gigadgles.


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