Pen of the Damned

How Bad Are Your Dreams? #dark #PEN #horror

pen of the damned

try with all my will to shake

awake I’d purge the dream

blood through fingers oozed

coagulated as I’d scream

This is an excerpt from “Broken Dreams” my rather dark poem over at Pen of the Damned.  Would love to know your thoughts.

What is the Pen of the Damned you may ask:

1: to condemn to a punishment or fate; especially : to condemn to hell
2a: to condemn vigorously and often irascibly for some real or fancied fault or defect <damnedthe storm for their delay>
b: to condemn as a failure by public criticism
3: to bring ruin on
4: to swear at : curse—often used to express annoyance, disgust, or surprise <damn him, he should have been careful> <I’ll be damned>
5: a group of writers sworn to their sufferings
A taste of Hell itself?
Perhaps…but also a clandestine collection of the most eclectic minds of horror.  These anguished souls have stripped free their pretenses for your grotesque delight.  The Pen of the Damned tread where you dare walk not.  Breathe what you dare dream not.  Share what you dare speak not.
You have been warned.
~We are getting ready to celebrate our one year as Pen of the Damned~

3 thoughts on “How Bad Are Your Dreams? #dark #PEN #horror

  1. Daddy Damned is so proud of you Leslie!! 😉 You’ve always known that the softer side of me has loved your poetry for quite some time, but now that you’ve let go & unleashed some of your own demons…aaah, there’s no telling what you’re liable to do next!! 😉


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