Secret Weapon #flashfiction #noir

lilies-lora-mitchell (2)

I breathed in; the lily was from my dead lover. Crime was at an all-time high in Newcago. The cops closed their doors at 5. I was on at 6. As a private detective, I didn’t have the luxury of bars to hide behind.  I wasn’t afraid of their bullets. Hell, she’d taken one for me.  Her last drops of blood had pulsed onto my white carpet.

“Don’t stop fighting for decency…” Her last words.

I heard screaming on the street below. Only the bad guys had guns or knives anymore, but I had smarts and my secret weapon, from her…

The above photograph by Lora Mitchell is our photo prompt for this week’s Friday Fictioneers hosted by Rochelle Wisoff- Fields. I made the photograph black and white to give a more Noir feel.

49 thoughts on “Secret Weapon #flashfiction #noir

  1. Ok, that’s nice and dark! I’m in the suburbs of Chicago, I mean Newcago, so I’d better be careful! Nice to have some decency left in this depressing and dangerous time.

    A few small things: “all-time” needs a hypen and after “Hell,” you need a comma. 🙂 I know, I’m a grammar nazi.



      1. The ‘burbs are quite safe, especially compared to the city. I have a couple of flowerpots that are handy and also some branding irons. The latter would fetch a nice blow upside someone’s head. 🙂


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