Just Beyond #wordpress #weeklyphotochallenge #photography #poetry

The Pixie Path painted

Just down the path

past all the vines

there is a place

if you search you might find


 daffodil framed fields

just to your right

pink sunny lanes

an endless delight


you might say there are fairies

I might say there are gnomes

but I hope in the future

there is laughter in each home

spring field

photography:  “Pixie Path”  &  “Spring Field” copyright L. Moon 2013

WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge – Future Tense

15 thoughts on “Just Beyond #wordpress #weeklyphotochallenge #photography #poetry

    1. Oh, girls! You two mad me so happy with those comments!I never meant any of it when I wrote it. I was tnihking about a red head burning (outside) and some lies burning (inside). Maybe one was the reflection of the other but which one? Is the hair red because she lies or is she lying because her hair is red? Something like that Thank you very much!


  1. Thanks for your helpful adsive. I guess i through the tittle looked good at the time how ever i just changed it. I guess liked the idea how gender even now still plays the biggest role in finding a mate. the tittle is now Gender bound Because that’s how (i at least) feel, is that i am stuck in the wrong body (how ever i am not trans). Also Shall is one of my favorite words. I am in love with Shakespeare as sad as that love affair is.thanks again i hope to hear more of your helpful advice soon. Also it’s really great how you help every one who posts, Happy holidaysCandy


  2. Hi Wesley!To be honest with you I would try to get a full frame lens such as the 24-70mm F2.8 IF EX DG HSM but phareps that would be a bit too pricey for you not sure where your limits are. Being a Canon user I’m pretty sure that you will change system a bit more often than me and that a FF camera might end up in your bag and then the 17-50 (70) will be less useful. The 17-50 is cheaper and has OS but it’s also a APS-c type lens. But, If I were you and I had to choose between the 17-70 and 17-50, then the 17-50 because of the more predictable f2.8 aperture. Both are really sharp and has nice bokeh rendition. OS is nice and helps a lot. I have not yet used it enough to grade it but some of the shots so far looks absolutely fantastic. Here’s two examples that I’ve uploaded for you. Click for bigger. Exif in each close up.Sigma 17-50 OS, taken using the SD15.Hope this helps a bit. No sharpness or anything added to these shots except for my copyright tag.


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