When the lights go on #Newcago #fridayfictioneers #flashfiction

lamps (3)

Another night of bloodletting. Don’t they get tired of wasting life?

(4am the lamp flickers before the sun scales Newcago’s towers)

For one moment there’s the semblance of serenity (sirens and screeching of tires in  background)

I wish I could stretch it out forever.

Thankfully, I’ve survived another night. (tired smile)

The bad guys will slink into their shadows to avoid being seen as they truly are. But a new horror rises at nightfall.  I try not to despair but the forces are greying as is decency.

Oh yes the note. I’ll have to read it later (slipping a piece of folded paper under the lamp) **Yawn**


Each week, Rochelle keeps us in line with 100 words over at Friday Fictioneers. Today I add to a sequel about a flatfoot detective who strives to keep decency and people alive in a place called Newcago.

The photograph is a cropped image of Rochelle’s picture prompt for this week.

week 2 in Newcago Serial  Can’t Kill The Thirst

Week 1 in Newcago Serial Secret Weapon

39 thoughts on “When the lights go on #Newcago #fridayfictioneers #flashfiction

  1. You, Allistair and I have our third installment out this week. I feel blessed to be in such good company. I wonder if your protagonist can leave Newcago. Obviously not or he would make haste and skedaddle.


    1. He’s compelled to stay/ I’m hoping to add some more strain next week. I’m enjoying the serial and the others out there. usually flash fiction veers away from serials. Good company to be in for sure Joe


      1. Ah, but the serial flash is yet another medium for us to explore and build out isn’t it? I think whatever captures the reader is a worthwhile pursuit.


      2. Great video took me back to a great time this summer when I got to meet you and the rest of the Paid to Play team. Love you guys! Thanks for the ctueinnod inspiration and support!Chris


    1. Hi Mario,Apologies for not seeing your qusoiten until now, but the answer depends on your version of WordPress. If you’re using the most up to date version (from version 2.0.x+), then no, you don’t have to worry about multiple pings when you’re in draft or editing a post.~ Teli


  2. HI Moondust
    I really enjoyed reading this – I love seeing the different techniques writers use, and was intrigued by your use of brackets to show actions. For me, they all worked brilliantly except the last one – not sure why, I think it would work better if you used ‘slips’ instead of ‘slipping’? Thanks for making me think – I become a better writer through commenting on other people’s stuff (and then stealing their ideas – lol 🙂 )


  3. Very neat idea to make a serial story out of the Friday Fictioneers prompts. I went back and read the first two weeks in the story… looking forward to the next installment!


    1. May 7, 2012 Since blogging is a soacil activity, I believe that first and foremost a blog should provide something for the readers that they can use or relate to. A blogger should have an idea of the target audience the content would connect with, but keep it understandable for any other people who stumble upon the page. Now, if writer’s-block hits in, it is best to go out there and read, get a lot of input. Your brain will automatically process the new information, whatever it is, through the what to write filter, and eventually the inspiration will come. It is important to keep the quality and usefulness of the articles constant. Post like yours help a lot in getting inspiration, especially because you give examples of specific activities that might help. I’m sure you’ve already succeeded in inspiring many of your readers, and obviously me as well, because I usually write shorter comments.Best wishes, Leonard


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