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The A to Z Challenge is Coming!!!!


Do you know what you are doing in the month of April? What will you be writing about??

I don’t always have a day to day plan with my blog site . It is after all where I blow off steam and relax.

I know what I am doing in April; I am joining about 1400 other writers of all types and genres in the A to Z challenge. Each day we write on the letter of the day. Simple? Yes! Challenging? Indeed! I joined the challenge last year and learned some important things about writing and met some great people.

Come along and join us for a great time.

I’m excited because I am autoposted and ready to go.

See you on Monday for some great reading and writing.

Happy Easter to y’all!!!

P.S. If you are interested in joining in you are just a click away.

10 thoughts on “The A to Z Challenge is Coming!!!!

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