Happy Birthday -Robert Doisneau French Photographer #photography #napowrimo

“Never thought teacher would ask me for the answer. Now what do I do???”

Now then a little rain never hurt anyone. My Stradivarius on the other hand needs a perfectly balanced humid environment – not rain!

“They all heard about my magnificent ice cream. Cue up, ladies first.”

“New in town?”

“you need a new pick up line.”

“Nope- will never need one again…”


Le_Baiser_de_lHotel_de_Ville Robert Doisneau

The photographer what does he see?

lover’s embrace

a little girl’s dreams of the sea

or  is it a far off  land

or a tucked away place

close at hand

Celebrate the beauty that a photographer catches through his world. Robert Dosineau was a master at making an everyday scene look poetic.

Happy Birthday Robert!!

10 thoughts on “Happy Birthday -Robert Doisneau French Photographer #photography #napowrimo

      1. i agree i think it is important we try new thigns we may never do it again, but it becomes one more tool in out poetry toolkit to get us going like tino suggested also i usually look for interesting word pairings when i am reading for fun because it may later trigger a poem


  1. I think this is a superb arlgeoly for how not just artists can be treated but also, and then humans in general. This is a unique way of showing how our society turns people into resources, and byndoing so robs them of humanity.


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