They were Pink #flashfiction #newcago #noir

claire-fuller library

They were pink,  moist and plump.

Her eyes were violet and they sparked like firecrackers.

‘Oh Lily Baby…”
“Stop you fool!” You can’t think about her; it will be your ruin and the city’s.


It had to be here in her library.
Lily had been the source keeper for OldCago.
She had tried to tell me what she had found. Maybe that’s why she was killed.

The old ways written in one of these books has the power to break the machinations of terror occurring on our streets – it has to be here or all of NewC ago is doomed

“Where are you?????”

Every week Rocelle Wisoff-Fields host Friday Fictioneers. This is a delightful group of talented and encouraging writers. Have a peek at the talent beneath the page. Today’s prompt is the picture of the library taken by Claire Fuller


Every week based on the prompt I am writing a (noir) serial about a detective in a place called Newcago who tries to round up the bad guys at night. The stakes are just raised with the introduction of  the automated Doom Cycle; crime just got harder to fight and the one person who could help him is dead.

Week 6 In Newcago Serial You wasps

Week 5 in Newcago Serial The Doom Cycle

Week 4 in Newcago Serial Helpless

Week 3 in Newcago Serial When the Lights Go On

week 2 in Newcago Serial  Can’t Kill The Thirst

Week 1 in Newcago Serial Secret Weapon

30 thoughts on “They were Pink #flashfiction #newcago #noir

  1. Your writing does a nice job of holding interest, through the interesting dialogue, the descriptions, the suspense and the not-knowing. Nice job!


  2. Great continuation of the story. Tiny typo in the last sentence (i think) – “The old ways written in one of these books has the power to break …” Should it be ‘have’ (plural referring back to the old ways) instead of ‘has’ or have i read it wrong?


  3. Even coming new to this story (not having read the previous instalments) it was very intriguing. Good to make it able to stand alone as we don’t all have time to catch up on the background.


  4. Very mysterious and so many answers ARE found in books.

    I would have liked the story but for some reason my like button is not loading. Please consider yourself “liked”!


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