No Place to Hide #flashfiction #newcago #noir


Just for clarity as this is a serial. This is a flashback for Sam before he became the detective of New Cago. Sam’s girlfriend, Lily, died; the cause is yet to be revealed.

Today’s setting is a New Cago bar.


“Night Howie” I waved to the on-duty cop stumbling out of the bar.

“Get out of the bottle, Sam,” Lily scowled.

“”What and remember the slime and filth that killed my family?”

“Do some good against the vermin of New Cago,” I could see sadness brewing in Lily’s blue eyes.


The only thing I remember was a woman with a deep voice and a vine that was tattooed up her right calf. She suffocated the twins. When mom attacked her with a butcher knife…

Even at 12, I knew who was behind the killing.


I’m trying Lily. I’m trying…


Each week we wait patiently (impatiently) for Rochelle to post the week’s  Friday Fictioneers’ picture to prompt us once again to write flash fiction. The picture today is from Ted Strutz. Today I continue with a serial that is staged in the sleepy town of New Cago where the police hide behind bars ( perhaps in bars) and Sam is the only one who can protect the good citizens while they sleep.

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29 thoughts on “No Place to Hide #flashfiction #newcago #noir

  1. I’m slight confused because the way the first several lines are written make it sound as if Howie is female whereas I’m pretty sure Lily is the woman referred to in ““Get out of the bottle Sam,” she said.”

    At any rate, I’m with Lily. Come on, Sam. Go after some vermin!!



    1. this is where flash fiction can fail the writer.
      Howie is an on duty cop ( male or female) who had apparently been drinking on his beat. Yes Lily is Sam’s love interest who died
      this is a flashback so maybe indicating this would help


  2. ‘She suffocated the twins. When mom attacked her with a butcher knife…’ the image made me shudder… no wonder he drinks. great follow up 🙂


    1. One thing with serial flash fiction is the back story gets enormous.
      If I go too much farther it will need to be a novella. To answer your question – “No” she knew she had one more living child she needed to protect at all costs


    1. critica constructiva.Que los pejoansres no vayan a camara lenta y la voz normal. Es decir que haya coodinacif3n entre audio-video .Casi seguro que es un efecto que le dais queriendo, pero … me pone nervioso :Dun abrazo mamones! felicidades por los 2 af1os


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