Travel Through My Tears #dailyprompt #travel #photography

Today’s Daily Post Challenge is  cross country travel 

summer awakens

She left me today -here

the otherside of the country in her horizon

as I drove away

I could only see pink through my tears

Were I a bird

I’d be glad to see

my fledgling’s contrail

lifted high above the world

morning world

I put my daughter on a plane today and only had the foresight to take a picture of the beautiful sunrise that greeted my day as I traveled through tears.

If I had to choose the form of travel to cross the country it would be flying though I’ve driven by car

Photography:  “summer awakens” and “morning world” © L. Moon 2013

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23 thoughts on “Travel Through My Tears #dailyprompt #travel #photography

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    1. NicholAugust 21, 2012I’ve been thinking about gtteing some of these but was unsure what polish to use with them, is it worth buying the Konad special polish or will it work with any old polish? Any advice you could give me would be great! P.S I love your blog


  1. Very touching, I could feel everything like it jsut happened to me and I must admit it is a moment and feeling captured in a moment that I terribly fear, so thank you for making me a bit stronger aswell by sharing this for me to see and read.


  2. I put my youngest girl on a plane from Calif TO DC for a jr leaders program, she was 12 it broke my heart, I cried til she came home, it’s ok mom you’re allowed. Your poem is a lovely affirmation of your love for your child.


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