5 thoughts on “Fukushima: Pacific Ocean poisoned, millions at risk!

  1. Hi, thanks for the re-blog. The Media won’t touch this as they have been told not to, really that simple. I can only imagine the horror in Tokyo right now, the words I am hearing are people are falling ill and still born’s are rife.. This could be the worst accident to strike earth ever. And it needs to be seen and looked at by everyone, as I say always, don’t believe me, research yourself, you won’t get this on the nightly news sadly. So it is hard. Best to google, and you WILL get people from Japan telling their stories. You Tube is hard, poeple sharing stories….Very hard to watch..

    More love, less hate.
    Shaun x


      1. Sadly we could all blog this at the EXACT same time, it would make no difference. Nobody cares who SHOULD care.That is the real sad part.

        And I think it the next few years you will see the Damage, a few comments up someone from Canada already is..



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